Episode 1: Introduction and Q1 2020 Industry News

Conscious Cannabiz

We’re highlighting thought leaders in the cannabis / CBD industry and conscious business practices.

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Welcome to our audio / video podcast Conscious Cannabiz. This is a continuation of our monthly cannabis industry events and video coverage of the legalization movement in Los Angeles and Santa Monica starting back in 2017-18.

For this episode, we are sharing news updates that affect the cannabis and CBD industry in California and the broader United States as well.

Topics include: Vape Crisis, Select Elite Brand, Curaleaf Holdings Inc., Cura Partners, AB 1529, Universal Symbol on Vape Carts, Child-Resistant Packaging, Dennis Peron and Brownie Mary Act (SB34), Cresco Labs Workers Unionize, Tribal Cannabis, South Dakota Marijuana Legalization, BCC cannabis excise tax markup rate increased, AB1948, Hall of Flowers Palm Springs, Haus of Jane, White Buffalo Events, White Buffalo Spirit Shop, WEiC, and Tokeativity.

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Episode 1: Introduction and Q1 2020 Industry News
Conscious Cannabiz

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