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Top Ten Compliance Tips for California 2019 Product Compliance

  1. Include a tamper-evident seal. This is a label that wraps around the lid of your package to indicate to the consumer if someone has tampered with the product. Consider post-consumer paper labels because they biodegrade.
  2. There are two sections of the product label according to regulations
    1. Primary – the part of the label most likely to be displayed
    2. Informational – not primary and contains required information such as the government warning.
  3. No cartoons or images that are appealing to children.
  4. Include THC (Delta-9) and CBD content. Any additional cannabinoids can be included, but they must match the testing results within 10% variance.
  5. Label text/font size must be a minimum of 6 point font.
  6. Universal Symbol (available here for download) must be included on¬†primary panel and can be no smaller than .5x.5″.
  7. List all product ingredients in descending order.
  8. Medical products must include “FOR MEDICAL USE ONLY” for licensed retail sale. Adult use products cannot contain more than 1000mg of THC per package or more than 10mg of THC per serving.
  9. Include Prop 65 warning.
  10. Use biodegradable materials where possible.  Create a recycling program to build consumer loyalty if you can.

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