Episode 2: Interview with MyJane President and Founder

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We’re highlighting thought leaders in the cannabis / CBD industry and conscious business practices.

In this episode, Conscious Cannabiz host Courtney Aura Freeman speaks with MyJane co-founder Cara Raffele and MyJane President Hélène Blanchette.

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MyJane offers curated CBD and Cannabis product bundles delivered to your door. MyJane was acquired by Manifest7, formerly MJIC, in 2019. Cara Rafelle, co-founder, now serves as VP of Marketing with Manifest7. Hélène Blanchette, former Xerox executive, is now President of MyJane.

Working with brands such as Sensi Chew and Lucent Botanicals, MyJane evaluates products for quality and all products are lab tested. They’ve selected companies that support a high standard in both values and in the products they create.

A portion of proceeds from every MyJane box sold is contributed to International Sanctuary, a nonprofit supporting females escaping human trafficking.

Conscious Cannabiz host Courtney Freeman interviewed Cara Raffele and Hélène Blanchette during MJ Biz Con 2019 in Las Vegas at the Haus of Jane. You might hear some background chatter from the event.

MyJane Interview Clip 2Clip 2 > Subtitles or Closed Captioning Available.

This episode covers three segments:
1 Background of Our Guests
2 Conscious Business Practices
3 Predictions or Trends for the Cannabis Industry

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Listen to the audio below for the full interview with Cara Raffele cofounder of MyJane and President Hélène Blanchette.

Episode 2: Interview with MyJane President and Founder
Conscious Cannabiz

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